Our Aims & Objectives &
Philosophy of Care

We acknowledge that all individuals are unique and have the right to a full and active life and to seek their own level of independence and fulfilment and that all individuals have the right to privacy, dignity, choice, independence and self-expression.  This is outlined in our aims and objectives and our philosophy of care.

Our Admission Process

You and your family (and social worker) will have the opportunity to view Glenburnie Care Home and be offered the opportunity to visit and have lunch/dinner with the existing residents.

If you decide to make Glenburnie your new home, an assessment of your needs will be carried out by our Care Manager before admission. This is to ensure that Glenburnie can meet your care needs.

If your care needs can be met by Glenburnie, we will come to an agreement on a date for your admission.

On the day of your admission, you and your family will be offered refreshments and made welcome & comfortable.  There will be an admission meeting to discuss the finalising of your care plan, funding sources, arrangements for invoicing if required.  You will be asked to sign our Charter of Residents Rights and our Residency Agreement a copy of both with be given to you and a copy held by us for your files.

Your room will be ready and made up for you, with a welcome pack and any changes to furniture layout; picture hanging etc will be taken care of to ensure you are as comfortable as possible from your first day of your stay.

An inventory of your personal belongings & valuables will be taken, a copy will be retained in your file and a copy given to relatives.  If any item is brought in or taken away during your stay, then we ask that you or your family inform management to update the list held.

Glenburnie Care provides a tagging system for clothing for all of our residents to ensure we do not mix up your clothes.  Families can make the choice, however, to have your clothes marked by another method and this will be the responsibility of your family for all clothes brought in for you to wear.

We will ask you about likes and dislikes regarding food and show you the menus, you will be asked to order your meals for the rest of the day.

Your care will be delivered based on your requirements stated in your personal care plan by a combination of our own Care Staff and the District Nurses.  We review your personal care plan every 4 weeks, 3 monthly and we will hold 6 monthly reviews with you and your family as well as an annual review with Social Services.

Two files will be created with all information and requirements, one for financial and contact information and one for care information (Care Plans) these files are available at any time should you or family wish to view them.

Your current doctor may be happy to retain you on his/her list and it is your choice if you wish to change to Glenburnie’s Named Practice – Kennoway Medical Group.   We have a weekly Ward Round that takes place every Monday within the Home to ensure all medical needs are met. 

All residents are free to keep their own Optician, however we have visits in-house provided by Vision Call.

You will be given every opportunity to take part in any organised activities and encouraged to continue with any hobbies you may have, we will also from time to time organise outings & days trips that you can take part in, for some of these the residents social fund may meet the costs and for others you will be asked to pay your way (as you would at home).  The Residents Social Funds are accrued by kind donations from relatives, visitors and fund raising.

Your Room will be cleaned daily and will be given a deep clean at least once every month

Visiting pets are very welcome as long as they are well behaved.

Glenburnie Care Home has a no smoking policy.

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